Not every crank has a crank...

The target of the public voting was:

Independent from nationality, gender, skills people look at the pieces and vote for the one they are attracted most.
I didn't think of people pushing votes for a specific person or work and I didn't want that the votes are depending from the fame or human network of a person or that the votes are manipulated with technological means.

All participants deserve the same fair chance!

This evening we had a technical "vote attack" on the website which totally falsified the voting results.
Therefore I took the unpopular decision to stop the public voting and I will contact only the participants and let them vote which is their most favourite one.

I am aware, that some of you might not like my decision but due to this misuse of the voting mechanism I came to the conclusion that public voting was not a good idea.
It is sad, that some people disturb such a peaceful event where the work of everybody should be respected. 

But you are welcome to leave comments what you think about the pieces.

Thank you for your understanding.