Not every crank has a crank...

This contest is organised just because of the love for mechanical objects: I make it just for fun.

I will be supported in the organisation by further automata enthusiasts. The organisation team has always final decision right in all contest situations.

This event is not bound to any sponsors, galleries or official organisations. There are no commercial  thoughts behind and I don’t want to make any profit out of it.

I try to contact as many interested people as possible. Therefore there might be participations from all over the world (hopefully).

At the moment there are no plans to repeat this contest. It might stay a unique event.

I take no responsibility for the things you create and show in the internet. I only intervene if there are any complaints.

The automata you make belong to you. But I ask you to make available documentation material (photos) in case I decide to make a photo book out of the contributions.

It might just happen that someone wants to buy your work. It is up to you decide to sell the automaton but please keep it with you until the winner of the contest is announced and I tell you that I don’t need any further photos.