Not every crank has a crank...

Tell us if you intend to participate. By telling us this you are not obliged to deliver an automaton in the end. But we want to know who tries to make something and we also want to announce how many people agreed to a possible participation (we keep the names of the participants a secret until they publish their work).

Work on your ideas and build your automaton.  

Between January 22nd and January 30th, 2011 , you have to send us a video, photos and a description of your automaton (mail address where to send your documentation will be announced). We give a week of time for sending us your material, no matter if you sit in Madrid, London or Sidney.
After the deadline no further entries are accepted.

Within a specific time period the works (depending on the quantity of the delivered material) are published on the website

All interested people can comment the contest entries in a specific forum.

The organisation team announces the winners of the contest.

The prices for the winners are shipped in the following weeks.