Not every crank has a crank...

On this page you see all the contest pieces listed and their status.
If a piece is for sale you may send me an email via the Contact form and I will establish a contact to the maker of the piece.

Any listed prices are without shipping costs.

The Crankahead website owner takes no responsibility for the sales of the makers.

Piece Maker Status Price beware of the snap Tom Cahill, Finton House School, Wandsworth, UK
  not known all aboard Benjamin Harris, Finton House School, Wandsworth, UK
  not known the quidditch match Gedi Kirkman- Richards, Finton House School, Wandsworth, UK
  not known wiggly woggly Taisie Lewis, Finton House School, Wandsworth, UK
  not known under the sea Eleanor Stratton, Finton House School, Wandsworth, UK
  not known Bang, bang, bang Paul Richards, Finton House School, Wandsworth, UK
  not known there's something weird under the bed Paul Richards, Finton House School, Wandsworth, UK
  not known The loan applicant Andrew Kaye, Queens, NY, USA
  not for sale X The Heart Machine Martin Smith, Huddersfield, UK Sale through third party (e.g. gallery) see Laikingland Schrottomat Lady- Ese, Germany
  not known The Life Clock Isabel Bustamante Diaz, Granada, Andalucia, Spain
  not known What a tiny little voice Kristine Suhr, Denmark For (direct) sale DKR 18'000 (about EUR 2400) fly on the nose Nigel Oldman, England
  not known Bunker mentality Scott Miller, Dallas, Texas, USA
  not known Present for the headhunter Roberto Pinese, Switzerland
  incomplete X Mad dogs and Englishmen Peter Lennertz, West London, England
  not known Monkeys Love Bananas Karen Barkie, North Carolina, USA
  not for sale X Sisyphus in Hiding Dave Johnson, San Francisco, CA, USA
  sold X Earth/Moon system Carlo Serino, Italy copy (planned) in exchange for other automaton X 1 moving part money maker Tony Campton, Australia
  not known Scoliosis Chris Fitch, USA
  sold X Leucht-Kugelbahn Ernst Heye, Germany
  not known Head Adaptor Geoffrey Loyd, Cheshire, North west England,UK
  For sale GBP 100 Tête à tête Tom Haney, Atlanta, USA
  not known A simple trick Margaret Nowling, Bakersfield, California, USA
  not known Face 2010 Carlos Zapata, Falmouth, England
  not known Risque Bather Bob Fredericks, USA
  not known Goodby Varnapy Alex Mitchell, Madrid, Spain
  not known Tongue stuck to frozen lamppost Tony Anagnastopoulos, Bristol, England
  incomplete X Fish with Feet Richard Hackney, Falmouth, England
  not known The Fly Sarah Bunker, England
  for sale GBP 80 Melting Snowman Sarah Bunker, England
  sold X Two man CPR demonstration Ken Schweim, Minnesota, USA
  incomplete X Edie's and Bobi's dream Eda Tasli, Istanbul, Turkey
  not known One day built useless machine Andrés Gonzales, Chile Not available / not for sale X Surprise Mr. Johann Wolfgang Von Kempelen… Phil Sing, France not known Show me your feelings Pablo Lavezzari, Cordoba, Argentina
  for sale USD 3'400