Not every crank has a crank...

Contest 2012 (decision to take place still pending)


Build your own vending machine, donation box, mechanical picture or automaton. Here we call it automaton and mean an object with moving components. Build it within a limited time period and send us a video, some pictures and a description.  That's all!
Actually there are no prizes for this contest. Any donations or sponsors are very welcome!

The automaton you make was never published in the internet before this date: Month 30th/31st, Year (no images or videos on Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, …).
After this date you are free to reveal details of your automaton in the internet.

The contest proceeding is the same as for the 2011 contest.

The contest will end on Month (+ 3 months)  30th/31st, Year (with the last week before the end date as the official contest entry week but you are also allowed to enter your piece before this date).


There will be a subject for the 2nd contest to be revealed.

There are no restrictions: you are free to choose materials and mechanisms and there is no specific subject to follow. There are also no limits with the size (except due to the size of your home) because in the end you only need to make available the documentation material (video, pictures, description).